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5 Batman Actors Who Were Flawless In Their Roles


5 Batman Actors Who Were Flawless In Their Roles

Batman, the superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics became one of the most iconic superheroes. From his dashing style to his charming looks, Batman has ruled our hearts for years.

So here are the actors who did justice to this beloved character…

  • Christian Bale – Christian Bale starred in Batman Begins & The Dark Knight from the Batman movie franchise. He delivers both Batman and Bruce Wayne in a single great package. Bale received acclaim for his performance in the film & captured the essence of one of the definitive superheroes.

  • Michael Keaton – Batman & Batman Returns features Micheal Keaton. Fans called Keaton’s portrayal of Batman a ‘superior effort’ in trying to capture the theme of the darkest superhero ever. He showed a great balance between both major characters of the movie i.e. Batman and Bruce Wayne.

  • Kevin Conroy – Kevin Conroy landed his voice in Batman: The Animated Series. His efforts made the series one of the greatest animated television shows ever. His performance was heartily praised by critics & fans called his voice ‘intimidating and legendary’, making him an over-night Hollywood sensation.

  • Adam West – Adam West’s work in Batman (1960’s live-action television series) made the series extraordinarily popular, and amongst one of “the biggest TV phenomenon of the mid-1960s”. West’s work broke boundaries & got highly recognized, with fans calling it a blend of brilliance & hard work.

  • Ben Affleck – Ben Affleck wore the Bat mask in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice & Justice League. Being already a Hollywood heartthrob, his work in the movies made the entity of Batman even more special. With his intense looks, manly voice & a grim whirlwind of effects-driven action, Affleck won the hearts of audience all over the world.

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