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5 Best Dating Reality Shows On Netflix: ClipHash Picks


5 Best Dating Reality Shows on Netflix: ClipHash Picks

5 Best Dating Reality Shows on Netflix: ClipHash Picks

5 Best Dating Reality Shows on Netflix: Dating reality shows like “Too hot to Handle” have set a new benchmark for all the reality shows out there. And when it comes to dating reality shows, no other streaming service provides any better shows than Netflix. A dating-reality show freak can spend his/her whole quarantine watching such shows that are available on Netflix. Finding a perfect binge-watch is sometimes a really tough nut to crack, especially when there are tonnes of best dating reality shows streaming on Netflix right now.

ClipHash has assembled the 5 Best Dating Reality Shows on Netflix right now that will not at all disappoint you…

5. Back with the Ex

Sometimes even the thought of getting back with Ex gets cringy. For some people, It is one of the toughest things to do on earth, especially if they have the longest and darkest history. But for others, It may work out well. In this Australian dating-reality show, “Back with the Ex”, you can check if that’s a good idea. The couples are not a random one, these four former couples are the ones who broke up for some genuine reason. Genuine enough, not to see each other again. But through this show, they try to give each other another chance and see if those nostalgic memories (sweet ones) and present scenarios can bring them back together in a more positive way.


What if you are bound to spill all your beans to find your true love? Well, this is what REA(L)OVE is all about. This is a Japanese dating-reality show hosted by DJ Fame Lesane. Impressing someone who knows all your darkest secrets is not an easy task. After all, you can’t fake perfection to impress that someone. Especially, when these secrets are the ones you would never want to tell anyone. The contestants in this show have failed at least once in their love life before and they hold their dark secrets that normally anyone would do before dating someone. But in this show, these secrets are unveiled in front of each other in the most sensitive timings and in the most merciless ways.

3. Love Is Blind

You LOOK at someone and you fall in love. Naah. You get to KNOW someone and you fall in love and eventually, you get married. Love is Blind, Love is not dependent on any boundaries such as dressing sense, hairstyle, looks, etc. We have been listening to this concept for decades but do we really follow that. Well, Netflix bought up this idea through one of its dating-reality shows, “Love is Blind”. In this show, the individuals date each other and get engaged without seeing or meeting. They have conversations, sitting in different pods. They can see each other, Once they decide to get married. This is quite a blind date and seems interesting until you are not the one sitting in one of the pods. But should you binge-watch it? Heck yeah!!!

2. Dating Around

If you are a type of person who hates drama and the scripted plots in the reality shows and wants them to be genuine, then Dating Around is a perfect binge watch for you. There is no cash prize or any medal for finding a perfect match in this show. The contestant just goes on 5 different blind dates, where the couple has some fun, cheesy conversations (not-scripted ones), and flirtations. The contestants then decide which of the five dates he or she would prefer dating further. This show is not a competition or game filled with spicy twists and turns. It is a show where a few people go on the real blind dates with other people and see if they can make a good couple.

1. Too Hot to Handle

Imagine a situation…You are on the shores of paradise, with some really good looking(Hot) people around you, you can make connections with them, or even flirt with them but you cannot touch them. Ouch! Now the title of this show is justified. In this show of 8 episodes, hosted by a virtual assistant, Lana, who specifies rules and give punishments, is actually a watchdog who keeps an eye on them. If the couple is found indulged in some sexual activity or even kissing, the prize money is deducted. The couple needs to come close but stay away, Ironic! Isn’t it? Well, that’s what everyone today is going through, social distancing. So watch Too Hot to Handle, a perfect binge-watch streaming on Netflix during the quarantine.

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