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5 Best Netflix Original Movies!!! - ClipHash Picks


5 Best Netflix Original Movies!!! – ClipHash Picks

5 Best Netflix Original Movies!!! – ClipHash Picks

Netflix is known for its quality feature-length content. The streaming service has everything from period dramas to unusual biopics, sci-fi romantic stories & fascinating documentaries.

These are some top Netflix original movies we can’t miss:

  • Roma(2014): A Unique film made to date by Oscar winner writer/ director Alfonso Cuaron. This amazingly shot, highly contrasting film is a tribute to Cuaron’s adolescence and an affection letter to the lady who raised him Following the voyage of a residential laborer in Mexico City named Cleo, the motion picture entwines stories of individual disaster and triumph in the midst of a set of political change and distress.

  •  Mudbound (2017): Netflix spent quite a bit of 2017 attempting to build up itself as an option in contrast to cinemas as a spot to discover quality new movies. The results were amazing, director Dee Rees Mudbound is a story of two World War II veterans, one white and one black. The movie has incredible images, captivating storytelling, and a great cast to unwind a complex story about the forces the connect black and white Americans and the moderate to-pass on treacheries that keep them separated.

  • Beasts of No Nation (2015): Beasts of No Nation is a drama film that revolves around Agu who becomes a child soldier, to fight in the civil war. The young boy’s father and brother are killed by the Government, is caught and influenced into the Commandant’s military, enduring awful torment, both physical and mental, before he inevitably gets away.

  •  Okja (2017): Bong Joon-ho directed this action-adventure movie. The story revolves around a young girl Mija who lives with her Grandfather and a giant super pig Okja in south Korea. This story of a charming, hereditarily adjusted “super pig” and the young lady who adores him is viable.

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019): The fundamental essence of this follow-up to Vince Gilligan’s loved TV show is that it starts directly after the events of the series c Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) reprising his role and looking somewhat worn out. He looks for help and approaches Skinny Pete and Badger, long enough for a shower and a shave, before taking off to go up against the individuals who crushed his life.

Honourable mention

  • Bird Box (2018): Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock’s ‘Bird Box’ is the most-watched original film in the streaming history. Sandra Bullock takes on the role of a determined mom trying to get her two kids to a safe haven while avoiding laying eyes on whatever lurks in the outside world. In order to avoid the monsters that take the shape of one’s greatest fears, the characters try to survive in this post-apocalyptic drama by going blindfolded.

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