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Five All-Time Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies: ClipHash Picks


Five All-Time Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies: ClipHash Picks

Five All-Time Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies: ClipHash Picks

When it comes to R-Rated movies, The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) wants our parents to learn more about the film before letting us watch it, but some movies are “too good” that we skipped such guidelines & immersed ourselves into the experience of such movies!!

So here is the list of those cinematic pieces based on comic books that made us forget everything before watching them…..

  • Deadpool This superhero film with the most inappropriate stuff, adult dialogues & risqué actions, the Marvel Comic based movie was not for young teens but with loads of laughter, jaw-dropping visual effects, beautiful direction & screenplay & a well-written script, this gleefully profane movie became the ninth-highest-grossing film of 2016 & made a special place in heart of audience.

  • Logan – Logan is a 2017 Neo-Western superhero film, bathed in blood, violence & scenes that are disturbing enough to cause sleep paralysis but still this movie can make you cry. When Logan came to the big screen, it earned the critical acclaim & made fans to take an ’emotional rollercoaster’ ride. The movie’s story is considered one of the best plots from the X-Men film series.

  •  Sin City The name & genre of this movie was enough to get it an R-Rated certificate. A blend of terrifically violent scenes, lack of “humanity”, helpless people being tortured, absolute unreality, death without grief & sin without guilt was in the plot of this plot-twister, but it is still a cinematic experience. The concept, technical superiority, excellence in the use of machinery and weapons & groundbreaking visuals made this movie one of the top movies of 2005.

  • Kick-Ass We all know that black comedies make the most enjoyable R-Rated movies & Matthew Vaughn’s directorial proved it. “Not for the faint of hearts, bloody brutality, chucklingly impious, thoroughly outrageous, jaw-droppingly violent” – said the critics after watching this grim whirlwind movie. This superhero black comedy movie glorified violence and gratuitous profanity won hearts all over the world.

  • Blade This movie uses severe camera angles, strange costumes, horrifying sets, over-the-top shadows, intense closeups, gratuitous violence, and get ahead in pure visceral visuals but also offers rapid-fire entertainment, creative cinematography, and enjoyable storyline which made this movie a major box office success.

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