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Five Comedy Shows To Binge On Netflix


Five Comedy Shows To Binge On Netflix

The Shows that Color Us Happy!!!

Laughter is the Best Medicine and Netflix knows that. Comedy series is the best way to release all the unhealthy thoughts & feelings. From young-teens to old-grannies, we all love a little humor in our lives and with internet streaming service rising rapidly each day, Netflix offers the best Grins And Giggles.

So here we’ve narrowed down the best stress busters from Netflix…

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – The magical formula used in the creation of this comedy-drama series is brilliance in concept, writing, cast, music, and execution. With alluring music, hearty lyrics, well-delivered & cutting comedy, this show is worth your time and money. The show delivered social messages through a beautifully written script and received universal acclaim for it’s delightfully weird, engaging, courageous and confident cringe humor.

  • Arrested Development – This series follows the life of a formerly wealthy dysfunctional family & has excellent direction, writing, cinematography, soundtrack, and acting from comedic geniuses. Widely regarded as one of the spell-out comedies of the 2000s, this gag-show has been praised by many critics as one of the greatest comedies of all time. The show that has the power to kill you with it’s most unique, merry-go-round clowning content and has been named as one of the “100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME” by Times Magazine.

  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Willing to push the boundaries of comedy with no politically correct topic, this is one of the most arresting and ambitious series on Netflix. A belly-ache-laughter riot while criticizing taboo topics, this show is one-of-a-kind. The Glad All Over show has a huge following and became a monstrous hit. Earning nominations from Prime-time Emmy Awards and People’s Choice Awards, this show has the most chaffing and whimsical humor.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – A modern but homey show with the workplace antics that makes it a complete 24 karat Netflix gold. With cleverness, otherworldly expressions, facetiousness, action, and adventure all wrapped into one great package this show is a treat for comedy-lovers. The series has also received acclaim for its display of serious issues whilst retaining a sense of humor. With wacky gags, diverse cast to boot and interesting story arcs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a gem from Netflix.

  • Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj – Its a web talk show hosted by Hasan Minhaj. A combo of witty and dark humor, precise storytelling, satirical and satisfying wounding interviews that will bust your lungs laughing. With topics that are less covered but are extremely vital to be aware of this show is highly informative but not holier-than-thou. A commanding blending of thought and feeling, catharsis and criticism by Minhaj, this show is humorous but never disrespectful to the topic.

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