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Five Most Underappreciated Movies In 2019 So Far


Five Most Underappreciated Movies in 2019 So Far

Some movies are much applauded critically but very few people watch it. Reason being It is the big blockbuster but not up to your expectations or maybe the box office found it to be disappointing.

Here we have assembled such movies which may not make much impact but are certainly & absolutely worth watching:

  • Alita: Battle Angel: This is a Stunning movie by director Robert Rodriguez starring Rosa Salazar, in the title character, lets you experience the amazing and impressive special effects on screen. There were very few hopes to this adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s cyberpunk manga series but Rosa Salazar’s figuratively wide-peered performance radiates through the CGI.

  • Crawl: Crawl is a low-budget thriller that meets fans expectations to the fullest. The plot is centered on Haley (Kaya Scodelario) who is a young swimmer & her father who gets trapped with a group of hungry alligators during a hurricane. Haley battles with the Florida storm in search of her dad as the story moves forward. The tension keeps on increasing with cleverly carried out jump scares and a fair quantity of gore shown in the movie.

  • Fast Color: Just before one week when Avengers: Endgame was about to release in theaters by Marvel, a greatly small movie stepped into the big screen. this family drama is packed with surprises that can only be expected from larger budget movies in the same genre.

  • Little Woods: Ready or Not: Nia DaCosta’s Little Woods is a simple unpolished picture of the United States’ cruelly high-prized health care system notified via the story of two sisters in North Dakota. This crime thriller walks you through the struggles of two young sisters. Little Woods is miserable distressing, honest and necessary film-making.

  • Ready or Not: This black comedy horror movie barreled into theaters in late August with a violent, propulsive storyline, the time when the audience was bombarded with unnecessary sequels & remakes The plot follows Grace played by Samara Weaving who is newlywed into an insanely wealthy family. When the story moves forward she is forced to play a game at her wedding night as a ritual & gets killed by her in-law

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